"Where's My Delivery?"

Fortified Clothing takes your orders and gently lays them out and kisses each and every one of them - so if you're order hasn't arrived yet, it's because we fell in love - but check below for some shipping times.

Where Do You Live?

This will you give an idea of how long it will take us to get your order to you.

Please note - Fortified Clothing prints all orders on demand (we're a small start-up), so, printing times need to be taken into account when awaiting your order.

ALSO (and sorry for yelling) some items may not be available in your country, so, delivery may take a little longer while I fight customs.

"I Haven't Got It Yet!"

The above times are only an estimate for when you can expect your delivery - due to item availability, printing times, and Fortified Clothing being a start-up, these times may vary. Rest assured, we will be doing everything we can to get your order to your door as soon as possible.

If the predicted delivery time has passed and you still haven't received your order, please get in contact with us and we will help any way we can!

FAQing Shipping

In case you don't want to head over to the FAQs I spent ages working on - here is the shipping ones.

Don't say I'm not a nice person.

Now, You May Not Be Looking For Answers...

Then you're here because you're lost. Or you're nosey. Honestly, I'm okay with either - but you can't stay here forever. You need to spread your wings.

Fly... FLY!

Contact Us!

Maybe you like to chit-the-chat. Perhaps there's a chance you didn't find the answer you were looking for.

You can swing over to our contact page and seek help. Not medical help - maybe go to the doctor if that's what you're after.


Sometimes we gotta talk about the important stuff. Well... read.

That's all I've really got to say here... but I also need to make things look even between all of these columns - so, here we are. We're almost there. Ready... set... GO!


So, not sure how you ended up here if you're looking for the shop. The website opens on it, so, all you had to do was click on some stuff.

So, little bit of judgment from us but we'll guide you back to where you can give us money.